Services We Offer

We provide seven main areas of services:

Website or Blog Management

  • WordPress platform creation and management
  • Edit and proof articles and blog posts
  • Schedule blog posts for publication
  • Content creation, research and picture curation
  • Embedding videos, tweets, etc.
  • Ghost writing content


Social Media and Sales Platform Management

  • Social media management or presence (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.), including creation and management of groups or pages, pointed advertising, and general search engine optimization skills
  • Creation of Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and any other platform image required
  • Scheduling social media images in platforms such as Tailwind
  • Set up and manage sales pages on Etsy, eBay, Craigslist, Kijiji, etc.


Communications and Administrative Management

  • Email and communications management
  • Edit and proof written documents and communications
  • Draft and amend simple legal documents
  • Research
  • Customer service by telephone, email and social media
  • Prepare communications to clients/customers like introduction letters, welcome letters, thank you responses, and collection notices or payment reminders
  • Schedule management, reminders, follow ups
  • Appointment scheduling, confirmations
  • Provide easy-to-understand verbiage of complex concepts
  • Mastermind and brainstorming solution sessions



  • Creation of Listings or Advertisements
  • Editing/resizing or creation of pictures or pdfs for advertising or listings
  • Social media marketing (see above)
  • Schedule and arrange for IRL advertising


Bookkeeping/Data Entry Management

  • Data entry
  • Manage payment dates, bills, reminders, notices
  • Basic accounting and reconciling of accounts
  • Administer payroll
  • Experience in Quickbooks, PC Law


Real Estate Assistance

  • Draft Agreements of Purchase and Sale, waivers and fulfillments
  • Create Ontario standard leases, amend existing leases
  • Draft standard leases for outside of Ontario
  • Property Management assistance, including but not limited to rent collection, rent chasing, agent representation at the Tribunal


Networking Manager

  • Network with other businesses and services to find solutions to any problem
  • Connect you with services and businesses that can simplify or assist you in any task at hand


Benefits to you:

  • No additional taxation to be paid to the government (we pay our own taxes)
  • No overhead or utility costs
  • No additional hours in the office or access to the office to accommodate staffing needs
  • No need to post for jobs, or have an interviewing process that takes up hours of your time

Outsource Niagara has more than 20 years of experience in office administration, executive support and customer service and satisfaction. ON also has a specialty in all aspects of real estate, including financing, property management, Tribunal and tenant relations.

Please contact us to discuss how we can help you. We offer support for as little as a couple of hours a week to full-time remote assistance, and our fees are reflective of the level of support you require. We understand that you don’t have the time to do everything, and may not have the finances to build your team yet, so let us assist you in achieving more.