outsourceniagaraOutsource Niagara was started by Stephanie Fortin, who is a lifelong Niagara resident. She started with an idea to create a blog, and everything spiralled from there. 

Stephanie has over 15 years experience in office administration and support, and has worked in law offices as a senior law clerk with a real estate designation, to a loans and mortgages officer. She has owned and managed rental properties, including managing for others. Stephanie has experience in representing in the Tribunal on behalf of tenants and landlords, and she can do nearly anything in an office. 

Stephanie is known for her customer service and client satisfaction – she believes that taking the time to ensure the client understands the necessary points before moving on. This engages the client and creates trust and confidence. Your clients deserve the same! 

Stephanie has a strong support network, so there’s always a wealth of information at her fingertips. 

If you want support in your business, Stephanie is the one to reach out to. She will make sure it’s a good fit for both parties, and that it’s beneficial for everyone. 

Outsource Niagara’s mission is to help small to medium businesses find creative and simplified solutions to any task. Outsourcing is building your network. Further, by straddling the CAN/US border, Niagara is the best spot to find everything you need. 

Contact Stephanie at contact@outsourceniagara.com to get started today. 

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